Woodland Angels

Collage of glass angels in woodland colors
In November 2019 I created my first holiday angel ornament. At the time, I didn't intend for the angels to become an Annual Event, it just seems to have worked out that way. When I am preparing for holiday shows the angels somehow show up on my To Do List. I enjoy making them, and I think others like them too. 

I do go into a bit of a production mode when creating these, which is unusual for me (when you're making 40-60 angels it's a necessity!). But for the most part, each ornament is different. They are all created from the same general design, but I try to choose a few different colors for the bodies each year. Each angel has hand-painted accents and usually those accents are created with sparkling gold-colored enamels. 

Our autumn has been beautiful in Northern Utah this year. I think this year's Woodland Angels are a reflection of the vibrant browns, golds, rusts, and blue skies we have experienced. So much of my creativity is influenced by nature, and these angels are no exception. 

Woodland Angels will be available at upcoming markets and events:

I'll also be in my studio on Artists' Sunday, November 26. Artists Sunday is a day to encourage you to forego the Black Friday/Cyber Monday chaos and shop with local artists. You're welcome to drop by my studio from noon to 4 that Sunday, or contact me to schedule an appointment for another time.

Thanks for stopping by! Dana

Collage of glass angel ornaments

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