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Woodland Angels

In November 2019 I created my first holiday angel ornament. At the time, I didn't intend for the angels to become an Annual Event, it just seems to have worked out that way. When I am preparing for holiday shows the angels somehow show up on my To Do List. I enjoy making them, and I think others like them too.  I do go into a bit of a production mode when creating these, which is unusual for me (when you're making 40-60 angels it's a necessity!). But for the most part, each ornament is different. They are all created from the same general design, but I try to choose a few different colors for the bodies each year. Each angel has hand-painted accents and usually those accents are created with sparkling gold-colored enamels.  Our autumn has been beautiful in Northern Utah this year. I think this year's Woodland Angels are a reflection of the vibrant browns, golds, rusts, and blue skies we have experienced. So much of my creativity is influenced by nature, and these angels

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