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Bubble Squeeze Firing Schedule for Fused Glass

Invisibility, Dana Worley 2020 With this piece it was important that  the black glass be perfectly smooth I've written before about bubbles. With fused glass art, sometimes we love them and sometimes we don't. In this post, I'll share a firing schedule for the bubble squeeze I use to help mitigate bubbles in my art. When fusing together two pieces of glass larger than 3 to 5 inches, the two layers of glass will often trap medium-sized bubbles. These bubbles aren't large enough to affect the integrity of the art by rising to the surface and becoming thin, but they do visually affect the surface of the glass. I've heard these called "mumps and bumps". If you look across the surface of the glass with a good light, instead of a nice flat surface you will see an irregular surface with small bumps in the glass. The landscape pictured here is a work-in-progress of a piece with an irregular glass surface caused by an insufficiently slow ramp up to a bubble squeeze

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