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Like Water

" Water.  It’s flexible, tangible, and yielding.  It changes course or shape effortlessly and continues on its journey through adaptability. It can be quiet and still, loud and raging, cold and hard, or warm and soothing. It’s reflective yet it can be a dark abyss into which light is absorbed. It provides flexibility and resilience to the living things it nourishes, and through persistence it has shaped our landscape over time.  In this exhibit, our artists explore what it means to be  Like Water."  (written by Dana Worley for the Artists Gallery) Fused art-glass platter, Dana Worley This past year, a lot of my creativity has been inspired by water. It's odd, perhaps, given that I live in a high mountain desert that receives most of its annual precipitation in snowfall. But water -- however scarce it may be where I live -- is one of the places I find solace and rejuvenation, and yes, inspiration. Some of my happiest memories are sitting by a mountain stream or standing on

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