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Bloom, exhibition in print

I can hardly believe that fall has arrived in Cache Valley. This past week, we logged winds of 60 mph in my neighborhood and 97 mph on one of our local mountain peaks. It certainly seems like our summer has literally and figuratively blown away on the breeze! With limited opportunities for enjoying art at museums and galleries, I wanted to share a small booklet I created called, "Bloom, exhibition in print". It includes musings on my creativity these past few months, along with some of the art I created during this time. The art glass pieces shown in the booklet are currently available at the Artists Gallery and in my on-line store. You can view a PDF version of the booklet by following this link: Bloom Upcoming Event Most of the exhibits and art fairs I participate in each year have been cancelled. However, the Glass Art Guild of Utah's annual show at Red Butte Garden is still scheduled to occur, with precautions to allow for a safe experience for visitors. This year the

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