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Garden Mushroom Tutorial

Spring has arrived in Northern Utah. Daffodils and other early bulbs are beginning to bloom and the warmer-season songbirds are beginning to arrive at our feeder. It's also the time of year I start thinking about ways to add color to the garden with glass art. I thought it would be fun to create some garden mushrooms. I took a few pictures when putting the mushrooms together, so I thought I would share them in a quick blog post. One of the unique things about how these pieces are assembled is that the mushroom cap is removable from the stem. This makes them easier to pack and ship, and safer to handle when pushing the stem into the ground (I am always worried someone is going to put garden stakes into the ground by pushing on the glass rather than the stem and risk breaking the glass).  Materials Fused and slumped glass for mushroom caps GE Silicone II (clear) 3/4" PVC pipe 3/4" PVC pipe caps (5' length will be enough for several mushrooms) Mushroom Caps The mushroom

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