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Getting the Hang of It

Close-up, Yellow Monkey Flower Wall Hanging One of the challenges with creating fused glass wall art is finding a way to hang the finished piece. This is especially tricky when preparing art for hanging in a gallery. To avoid putting holes in the walls, most galleries use a rail and hook system. This method works well for framed paintings but it can be a challenge for glass art. In this blog post, I'll highlight two ways I use for hanging my art that work with a variety of hanging systems, including rail and hook. Both methods use picture hanging wire, but one method incorporates a hanging mechanism into the fired art and the other provides a solution for hanging after the art is fired. Incorporating Hangers into the Design During my first firing of the Yellow Monkey Flowers Wall Hanging , I fused into place two stacked clear glass tabs about 1/3 of the way down from the top of the art. The bottom layer of the wall-hanging was cut slightly smaller than the top layer, allowing the b

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