Into the Hills I Go

Mahogany Canyon, North Logan, UT

In this time of crazy uncertainty, I am grateful that the foothills of Northern Utah are just outside my door. After a morning of "sheltering in place" while working from home, I took a walk up a dirt road beside our house. Most of the land on either side of the road is private property that is dry-farmed. If you walk about two miles up the road, you will eventually reach forest service land. The walk offers an easy escape into nature.

We are just beginning to hint at spring here. In the mornings I hear robins and meadow larks singing and spring bulbs are pushing their way through the soil. On my walk, I found more signs of spring, including the first small flowers emerging from patches of earth recently covered with snow.

I hope you have an opportunity to escape some of the craziness and enjoy what nature has to offer in your area. In the meantime, here are some quick cell phone shots I took along my walk.

"Into the forest I go, to lose myself and find my soul." 

Heading up the road into Mahogany Canyon. A beautiful blue-sky day!

A flicker in the tree. These guys are normally very shy, but I think it decided I was no threat. I was able to quietly pass without disturbing him (her?).

View "from the top",  looking over Cache Valley and toward the Wellsville mountain range.


These are the tiniest orchids I have ever seen (I think they are orchids -- white multi-bloom flower...).

The sound of spring!

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