Art Abandonment - September 2019

Abandoned art Fused Glass Dish
Abandoned art
Fused Glass Dish
This weekend as we were preparing to go for a hike, I decided to take a piece of my glass art along with me and "abandon" it somewhere along the way. So yesterday, I placed my first official piece of abandoned art - a small approximately 5" crackle-glass dish with a spiral sun pattern on it. 

What is abandoned art? It's where an artist leaves behind a piece of their art for someone to find unexpectedly. It's a cousin to the Random Act of Kindness. From what I read, abandoned art isn't a new thing, but it has regained popularity the last few years. Michael deMeng is credited with popularizing the current trend. There is a Facebook group where both artists and recipients can post their abandoned/found art.

Trail sign with an arrow on it
Pointing the way to abandoned art!

So somewhere in the middle of Green Canyon and Logan Canyon, between a rock and a hard place, you'll find a fused glass dish. It's hiding in plain sight, so to speak, but it does take a little hike to get there. But don't worry, the sign points the way!

It was fun trying to find the perfect place, and knowing that when it is found, it has the potential of putting a smile on someone's face. It will be interesting to see if I ever learn where my abandoned art found a new home. Hopefully, it will find its way into the hands of someone who loves art - and glass - as much as I do!

With wild abandon!
Spiral sun glass dish - front
Spiral sun glass dish - front

Spiral sun glass dish - back
Spiral sun glass dish - back

More about art abandonment from Craft Warehouse:

Somewhere in the middle of Green Canyon and Logan Canyon
Logan, UT

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