Block Printing on Fabric

Close-up of the block-printed fabric
Close-up of the block-printed fabric
As artists, I think we are always looking for inspiration to expand our work in new directions. I have taken many glass classes over the years, but I think it's good to step outside my field of interest occasionally. And besides, learning new things is fun!

That's why when Global Village Gifts, our local fair trade non-profit, advertised for a class in block printing on fabric, I signed up. I have had limited experience engraving glass to create prints on paper and carving print-block materials to create textures or images on glass. This class was focused on printing on fabric, which sounded interesting. I also knew it would be a fun night out creating with others.

The experience has "got my wheels spinning", so to speak, on how I might combine block printing on fabric with glass work. If anything transpires, I'll follow-up. In the meantime, here are the results of a great night out with fellow artists. Thank you, Global Village!

Block-printed tea towels
Block-printed tea towels.
Several of the artists carved flowers.
My printed tea towel is in the foreground.

The carved printing block
The carved printing block.
A simple design looks great
when printed!


Global Village Gifts,
The class was taught by artist Katie Swaine, and hosted by Global Village's Clarissa Swaine.

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