Fused Glass Painting Class with Shelley Long

Finished fused glass Winter Rivers Scene
Finished fused glass Winter Rivers Scene
As part of its educational program, the Glass Art Guild of Utah hosts classes a few times each year. In late January, the Guild brought in ceramic and glass artist Shelley Long for a three-day multi-layer glass painting class. The class was hosted in the home studio of Guild artist Kathy Watt, and I was lucky enough to be able to attend.

I have worked with glass paints, but my results have been mixed. I was looking forward to learning how to better use the paints, and also learning more about creating thicker, layered glasswork. The class with Shelley provided all this and more!

Shelley works exclusively with Colors for Earth glass paints. These powdered enamels are mixed with a medium to get the desired painting consistency. We jumped right in the first hour mixing paints, while Shelley talked about various painting techniques to ensure good coverage of paints, shading, and watercolor washes. Over the course of three days we painted six different pieces of glass to create Shelley's Winter Rivers Scene design. The last day Shelley discussed breaking down a photograph of our own for a layered design, as well as damming and firing the final piece.

Shelley and her amazing three-dimensional glass paintings
Shelley and her amazing
three-dimensional glass paintings
The class was a great, long-weekend glass get-away, filled with good food, good conversation, laughter, handmade chocolates (thanks, Mary Young!), and of course fused glass and new painting techniques.

If you have the opportunity to take a class with Shelley, I very much recommend it. While "live" classes are invaluable, if taking a class with Shelley isn't an option, check out the list of Resources below. Shelley offers several glass painting tutorials on her web site, including the Winter Rivers scene that was the subject of the class (check out the video below for a sneak peek!)

Thank you, Shelley and the Glass Art Guild of Utah for a great learning opportunity!



Shelley Long, Winter Rivers tutorial
Bullseye Glass, Working Deep tip sheet
Glass Art Guild of Utah, http://www.glassartguild.org/
Colors for Earth glass enamels, http://colorsforearth.com/product-category/glass-enamels/

Click the banner below for more great Bullseye Glass educational videos!

Bullseye Kiln-glass Education Online

Painting tools of the trade!
Painting tools of the trade!

Guild member Andrea Tatkon-Coker works on her sky
Guild member Andrea Tatkon-Coker
works on her sky

Shelley and Guild member Julianne Tronier
Shelley and Guild member Julianne Tronier

Having too much fun!
Connie Lundberg, Barb Wesley, Mary Young and Kaleen Knight
(clockwise from the top left)


  1. The class was a lot of fun and we all learned a lot of great techniques. Kathy was a great hostess. Mary made her wonderful chocolate that gave us enough energy to finish the three days of classes. Shelley is a teacher who took the time to tutor each of us when needed. If you get a chance to take one of her classes go for it.

  2. It was a great class! Thoroughly enjoyed the subject and the fellow class members!

  3. Wow, I’ve never had anyone blog about me before (that i know of lol!), thank you for the kind review, I had a great time teaching in Salt Lake, you are a wonderful group, all very talented.

    1. Sorry I am using up your 15 minutes of fame ;) . Thanks again for a wonderful class!


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