photograph of Transition fused glass art
Transition (closeup)
When I was asked to donate a piece of fused glass art to a fundraiser for Citizens Against Sexual and Physical Abuse (or what is known locally as CAPSA), I said yes without hesitation. CAPSA performs an important service in our community, providing domestic violence and sexual assault victims with shelter and transitional housing, help with restraining or protective orders, and emotional and educational support.

When I thought about the many women, children, and men who seek help from CAPSA and what that means in their lives, one of the words that I kept coming back to was transition. The idea of transition was made even more poignant to me with the recent passing of two close family members.

We all experience transition in our lives -- dark to light, success to failure, despair to hope. Even during positive transition, the beginning of the journey may be rocky and full of obstacles, and it may be difficult to see our way forward. Those obstacles, however, may unknowingly guide us along our path and to a place of clarity, beauty, and calm.

"Transition" will be available at the Malouf Foundation's Art for CAPSA Art Auction and Benefit Dinner, scheduled for October 6, 2017. Follow the links below for additional information.


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Malouf Foundation
Transition fused glass art - full size
Transition, fused glass art

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