Follow-up on Flexi-Glass and Mica Powder

small Christmas plate with mica star
A small Christmas plate with a mica star.
Happy Holidays! It's been a busy few months in the glass studio in preparation for Red Butte Garden's annual glass show and Logan's Annual Winter Gift Market. Add that on top of holiday travel and festivities, and there hasn't been much time for blogging!

As mentioned previously, I planned to incorporate the use of mica powders mixed with Flexi-Glass Medium into some larger pieces. I've done that, and I wanted to share some of the results. Some of the pictures aren't a good as I would like, but many of these were rushed off to market and pictures were taken quickly. Almost all of those with mica incorporated were sold (they were a hit!), so I didn't have an opportunity to properly photograph them.

candle bridge with mica embellishments
Candle bridge

The piece at the right is a candle bridge that is embellished with some pieces torn from the mica sheet. It's quite nice with a round ball candle. I love the amber-colored wispy glass, and the mica complements it beautifully.

small plate with  mica maple leaf
Maple leaf cut from mica

small plate with mica sun and mountains
Moon & mountains, small plate
The bronze mica worked well in these two small (5" square) plates.

black fused glass dish
closeup of mica and Spirit glass inset
Close-up of the sushi plate inset
I used only a small amount of the mica sheet on top of an inset of black and white Spirit glass for this elegant sushi platter -- a testament to the cliche' "less is more". The picture on the right shows the details.

And finally, here's one of my favorite pieces. While I have this listed in my on-line store, it's likely to find a temporary home on my mantle once the holiday decorations are boxed away!

Mica moon and mountains on amber wispy glass
Art Glass Piece - Moon and mountains on amber wispy glass
I love the piece's soothing design achieved with the mica powder sheets and lovely amber glass. When light comes in from behind the piece, the transparent areas of the amber sparkle like gold. 

All of the pieces shown here were created out of the original sheets of mica that I fired. Since then, I've been adding a small amount of alcohol to the mica powder prior to mixing it with the Flexi-Glass, which breaks up the clumps in the powder and results in a smoother texture. 

So far, I really love the results I have seen with this method of using mica powder. Give it a try!

Happy fusing,


System 96 glass is used for all my fused glass creations

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