Shiny Objects

Occasionally when I open the kiln, I come across a fused glass cabochon that I love. Well, let me rephrase that. Every time I open the kiln, I love all the beautiful sparkly objects that shine back at me. But every once in a while I come across a piece that I really, really love.

A few weeks ago I opened the kiln to find just such a piece. It was actually one of the pieces in a picture from a previous blog post. I've circled it below (lower left):

Going into the kiln, it didn't look like much - a triangle cut from a piece of muted mauve and pink opal swirl glass, topped with a piece of dichroic. But after fusing and annealing in the kiln, to my eyes it was transformed into a thing of beauty. I decided the moment I picked it off the kiln shelf that it was "mine".

This evening I had a chance to finish off the piece into a choker length necklace. I purchased some coordinating amethyst-colored glass beads at Beadles, our local bead shop, and added two clear Swarovski crystals for a touch of sparkle. I love the finished piece. The colors remind me of a late spring sunset, radiating with gentle hues of dusty mauve, pink, and purple.

While you're here, make sure to read my post below about my upcoming Holiday Giveaway for November. Leave me a comment and I'll add your name to the drawing for a pendant of your choice (but not this one! It's MINE!).

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