The Jester Has been Busy in the Basement

It's been a busy but productive weekend, at least on the gardening and glassing side of things. Yesterday, I planted a boatload (yes, that's a valid number) of irises. Five were special orders from High Country Garden, and the rest were ones I received from generous friends.

For me, gardening leads to introspection. Yesterday I reflected on the previous truckload (yes, another finite quantity) of irises I had planted in the spring. It was Mother's Day, and I planted them in memory of my mother. This weekend, I planted for those I know who have lost someone in their lives recently -- a dear friend's aunt, a friend's 20-something YO son, mothers and fathers, and a couple of four-legged family members whose loss is felt just as greatly as the two-legged kind. When spring rolls around next year, my garden will be full of beautiful irises celebrating the memory of those who are no longer with us.

Between scoops of dirt and doing laundry, I found time to cut some glass and finish a few pieces. Here's a look at what went in the kiln yesterday morning:

And these are the transformed pieces several hours later:

One of my favorites is the one on the middle row, second from the left. Three pieces of glass are layered in this pendant -- a sky blue piece on the bottom and a slightly smaller swirled blue and teal piece, topped with a clear dichroic piece. The results are beautiful! I'm saving it for a friend. I'm also partial to the pink-ish piece on the bottom row, first left. My least favorite is the big ugly one on the top row, first left. I have this lovely medium purple glass, that just does not fire with the results I envision. And of course, I have LOTS of this glass.

A few pieces that I fired earlier and finally finished off this weekend will be donated for our annual Stokes Nature Center dinner and auction. Stokes Nature Center is located in beautiful Logan Canyon and they offer educational programs for nature lovers of all ages. Here's what I've chosen for auction:

The theme of the auction this year is "Flower Power" and I thought the middle pendant would fit that theme nicely. I still want to string together a beaded "chain" for it, with turquoise, yellow, and mauve beads. Perhaps after I finished this post :)

If you are beginning to think about Christmas or are looking for a handmade gift for that "special someone" (even if it's yourself), don't forget to take a browse around my shop at

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